Buttigieg Opens New Presidential Campaign Office in South Bend

Oct 4, 2019

Pete Buttigieg speaks to a crowd in South Bend gathered for the opening of his local presidential campaign office.
Credit Annacaroline Caruso / WVPE News

Mayor Pete Buttigieg opened his new presidential campaign office Thursday night in South Bend.

A large crowd gathered outside of the new ‘Pete For America’ campaign office to show their support. 

Buttigieg said there are several reasons he opened the office - like preparation for the Indiana primary in May.


“It is very likely the nomination contest will still be pretty intense and undecided when the primary happens here in Indiana so it’s never too soon to be organizing right here.”

Buttigieg also said South Bend is the heart of his campaign and he wanted to grow his local presence. 

Nanci Flores works for a non-profit in South Bend and she appreciates that local presence Buttigieg is trying to create. 

“I think what it means for South Bend is it’s important still to him. I mean he’s still very much our mayor and still very much involved and it’s really exciting that we all get to share our stories through this field office and help other people really understand the real South Bend.”

The campaign office is at 218 Sycamore Street.