July 2: COVID Positivity Rates Draw Warning From Health Officials

Jul 2, 2021

COVID-19 is still in the community, as concerns about the Delta variant and those still unvaccinated rise.
Credit Rebecca Green / WBOI News

DeKalb County’s 7-day COVID-19 positivity rate is on the rise, up to 3.7 percent on Friday.


Five new cases were reported there Friday as well.


The bump in cases and positivity caused DeKalb County Health Officer Dr. Mark Souder to issue a warning Friday afternoon.


He urged area residents to continue to use their masks when necessary, and to receive the vaccine, particularly in the face of increasing cases of the Delta variant of the virus.


Elsewhere in northeast Indiana, Allen County’s 7-day positivity rate was also up, to 2.1 percent. Allen County’s largest number of those currently infected with the virus are those between the ages of 20 to 29, according to the Indiana Department of Health.


Steuben County’s rate was up as well, to 5.6 percent, the worst in the area.


While all northeast Indiana counties remain in the state’s best category for COVID-19 spread, Dr. Souder warned of the potential that that might change if small upticks become larger.


Indiana has seen 2,572 breakthrough cases of COVID, with 124 of those causing hospitalization and 41 deaths.


That is just over 0.09 of a percent for breakthrough cases of those vaccinated, and 0.001 of a percent in deaths of those vaccinated.


Northeast Indiana totals for July 2:

  • Adams County: case total 3,457; deaths 56; 7-day positivity rate 0.3%; eligible population vaccinated 34%.
  • Allen County: case total 41,999; deaths 693; 7-day positivity rate 2.1%; eligible population vaccinated 48.2%.
  • DeKalb County: case total 4,461; deaths 85; 7-day positivity rate 3.7%; eligible population vaccinated 40.0%.
  • Huntington County: case total 4,042; deaths 81; 7-day positivity rate 1.2%; eligible population vaccinated 46.6%.
  • Kosciusko County: case total 9,655; deaths 123; 7-day positivity rate 2.5%; eligible population vaccinated 37.1%.
  • LaGrange County: case total 2,739; deaths 72; 7-day positivity rate 3.3%; eligible population vaccinated 22.9%.
  • Noble County: case total 5,832; deaths 89; 7-day positivity rate 1.6%; eligible population vaccinated 35.7%.
  • Steuben County: case total 4,023; deaths 59; 7-day positivity rate 5.6%; eligible population vaccinated 43.7%.
  • Wabash County: case total 3,630; deaths 83; 7-day positivity rate 0.9%; eligible population vaccinated 38%.
  • Wells County: case total 2,971; deaths 81; 7-day positivity rate 0.8%; eligible population vaccinated 39.7%.
  • Wabash County: case total 4,079; deaths 44; 7-day positivity rate 1.7%; eligible population vaccinated 43.5%

Sources include the Indiana Department of Health and local health department data.