Local Enterprise Generates A World Of Creativity

Sep 13, 2019

Gilmore and Verlee, in-store and checking out the latest CWOW merchandise.
Credit Courtesy/CWOW

As Creative Women of the World continues to flourish in its second decade of operation, founder, Lorelei Verlee, is passing the directorship of its retail store in downtown Fort Wayne to local women's advocate, Lynne Gilmore.

This new arrangement will allow Verlee to return to her first and biggest passion, which is training women around the world to create and manage successful businesses. 

And Gilmore, whose forte is organizing and networking, will be carrying the torch locally to expand the commercial business and develop local projects.

Earlier this month, WBOI's Julia Meek sat down with them to discuss the reason for this shift, the additional programs and training it will generate and how it will affect the organization's home base as well as the global community it serves.

For more information, visit the Creative Women of the World Website.