The Trap Door's 2019 March Showcase

Mar 22, 2019

It's Fund Drive season at WBOI, so for this week that means we have a special edition of WBOI Presents featuring the Trap Door's March Showcase.

The showcase features veterans of the Trap Door stage, plus one rookie. We'll hear stories about paying the check on a first and last date, when ultimate frisbee almost kills you, following someone you love to Montana and back, and songs of love, drinking, revolution, and murder. Our own Ben Clemmer also spoke with Courtney Heiser about her experience as a Trap Door organizer, and the importance of storytelling on public radio in northeast Indiana.

The first storyteller of the event was Courtney's good friend Christie Bowen, with a tale of a first date that served as a reminder to always carry cash. 

Dave LeBeau is a Trap Door veteran who has always loved ultimate frisbee. You don't need to know how to play ultimate frisbee to understand his latest story.

Adam Brooks told his first Trap Door story in March. He was introduced by Ben Larson and as you'll hear early on in his story, Adam's pitch caught everyone's attention.

If you're a musician, you probably have a few stories about gigs that didn't go well. After many years of playing music, Aunt Jane had more than a few difficult gigs to reflect on from the Trap Door stage. Thank you for listening.

Our theme music is by Lucas Norton, with additional music from Mark Waldick and Noah Campodonico. Parts of this episode were edited by WBOI intern, Brandon Williams. You can always submit a story to the Trap Door at