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The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

  • Cheyenne Pohlman is an 8th grader at Lincolnview Jr. Senior High School in Van Wert, Ohio. Her award-winning short story is called "Circling Shadows."
  • Nathan Phuong is a junior at Homestead High School. His award-winning poem is called, "A Man In An NRA Jersey, Exercising."
  • Alyvia Luong is a sophomore at Carroll High School. Her award-winning flash fiction piece is called "Sixty-Six Times."
  • Khira Hickbottom is a senior at Homestead High School. Her award-winning essay is titled "Cutting Ties."
  • Ruby Haller is a freshman at North Side High School. Her award-winning poem is called "Downy Laundry."
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