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Pence Answers Few Questions At Community Conversation

Lisa Ryan

Governor Mike Pence hosted a community conversation at Ivy Tech in Fort Wayne on Tuesday. But many attendees didn’t think their questions were answered.

Questions at the forum included topics like education, criminal justice and gay marriage.

Brian Weck of Fort Wayne asked about North Side High School’s mascot. He’s had six kids graduate from North Side, and says the Redskins mascot is about honoring Native Americans, not offending them.

“As a voter, should we have the right to have our voice in this, or should we wipe away 88 years of tradition and honor for our Native Americans in this area?” Weck asked.

Pence said the issue should be left to local government, and wouldn’t give an answer. Weck says he would have been more understanding if Pence had disagreed with him.

Others agreed that Pence avoided answering questions. When pushed to answer a question on his views on redistricting, he said he would only make a decision if the legislature put a proposal on his desk.

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