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PFW Reveals New Athletic Logo

Purdue University Fort Wayne

Back in January, Purdue University Fort Wayne revealed the school’s new logo as part of their new rebranding initiative. 

During a news conference Monday PFW announced the new logo for the men’s and women’s sports teams. Tusky, the mastodon, will continue to represent the teams but the logo did get a slight remodel.

PFW’s Chancellor Ronald Elsenbaumer told the crowd there were three things that were important to the community: to keep the mastodon as the mascot, to make sure the teams kept Fort Wayne in the name and to use the color blue in the logo.

He says Tusky, the mascot, was an important thing to keep.

Credit Araceli Gomez-Aldana
PFW's new logo at center court in the Gates Center.

“It’s something that people do recognize as being an important part and identifier for our campus and we want to make sure we preserve that,” said Elsenbaumer.

Elsenbaumer also mentioned how proud they were to align PFW’s athletic program with the internationally-recognized Purdue University brand.

The new logo was created by Purdue Fort Wayne’s branding partner SME and university’s leadership.

PFW’s sports teams will now be referred to as the Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons and the new logo is already being used.

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