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Plastic To Fuel Company Commits To Hiring Former Prisoners

Courtesy Brightmark Energy

An Indianapolis recycling company known for giving jobs to former prisoners recently partnered with an organization that turns plastic into fuel. RecycleForce will be supplying workers and thousands of tons of plastic to Brightmark Energy.

Brightmark Energy is opening a new plant in Ashley, Indiana, that is set to turn those recyclables into diesel fuel and wax. 

Gregg Keesling is one of the co-founders of RecycleForce. He says the idea around the partnership is to be more responsible with the environment and, at the same time, the needs of former prisoners.

“We’re taking the things that society has thrown away, both the packaging from your friend’s food items all the way to the people we’ve thrown away because they’ve committed a crime,” he says. “We’re remaking them into things that society can use.”

When Brightmark Energy’s plant opens, RecycleForce’s alumni will train others on workplace safety practices and forklift operation. 

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