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Summit To Explore Solutions To Food Deserts

Ella Abbott

Nearly 20 percent of children in Allen County are affected by food insecurity. Students at Purdue University Fort Wayne want to facilitate a conversation within the community about how to tackle this issue.

The summit came together after students from various majors met to find a problem that affected all of their chosen careers. What they discovered is that food insecurity is a layered issue that affects many aspects of a community.

Carol John is a masters student in public policy at Purdue Fort Wayne. She says the main goal is to help educate community members while giving them resources.

“So, they’re going to learn about how to take a proper diet through the resource fairs and through the community organizations that will be present," she said. "So, it will kind of enable (them) to facilitate their livelihood.”

A panel of experts on food insecurity will have a moderated discussion at the summit and community organizations will have resource tables for further discussion and education.

The summit will take place in the Walb Student Union at 6 p.m. Thursday.