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Vice President Pence Visits Fort Wayne Before Voting in Indianapolis

Vice President Mike Pence touched down at the Indiana Air Nation Guard in Fort Wayne a little after 3 PM on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Vice President Mike Pence visited Fort Wayne Thursday to drum up support for President Trump, accompanied by some top Indiana Republicans and other GOP leaders.


The rally started at about 4 PM yesterday in the Fort Wayne Aero Center with words from Rep. Jim Banks and Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise.

Governor Eric Holcomb took the stage to introduce the Vice President, who preceded Holcomb as Governor of Indiana. Holcomb talked about his relationship with Pence.

“I’ve known this guy for decades, personally, and he is the same guy from the first day I met him. He has not forgot where he came from," Holcomb said.

Holcomb also spoke about improvements in Indiana over the last four years, like the drop in infant mortality and job improvement. In 2016, Indiana was the first state called for President Trump and Holcomb said he expects that to happen again.

“We are on a roll in the state of Indiana and the state of Indiana is going to be first on the board come election night for this president and vice president," Holcomb said.

“It is great to be back home again,” Pence said as he took the stage.

The Vice President began the rally by thanking state Republican leaders and hoosiers for joining him 12 days before the election.

Pence mostly used his time on stage to talk about changes under the Trump administration while a crowd in Trump 2020 gear chanted “Four More Years” and “U.S.A.”

Pence criticized democratic candidate Joe Biden on his policy proposals, which Pence called “a trojan horse for the radical left.”

Commenting on employment in Indiana, Pence said the Trump Administration had helped create 88,000 jobs in the state. He also said the tariffs imposed on China helped create those jobs.

“You know, I always used to tell people ‘in Indiana, we do two things well, we make things and we grow things’ and we sell them not only around the country, but we sell it all over the world, don’t we?" Pence said. "So, when it comes to trade, trade means jobs in Indiana.”

Pence closed the rally by reminding people not just to vote for President Trump, Governor Holcomb and Rep. Jim Banks, but also to go out and talk to friends, family and neighbors about why they’re voting for President Trump.

Ella Abbott is a multimedia reporter for 89.1 WBOI. She is a strong believer in the ways audio storytelling can engage an audience and create a sensory experience.
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