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Indiana Chamber Campaign Recognizes Employers With High Vaccination Rates

Courtesy of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

Just more than half of eligible Hoosiers 12 and over are fully vaccinated so far. The Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s Wellness Council of Indiana launched a campaign Monday to recognize employers that encourage their workers to get vaccinated.

The COVID Stops Here campaignwill publicly acknowledge employers that have higher numbers of vaccinated workers.

To apply for recognition, employers must complete a two-question form. Businesses are asked to answer to the best of their knowledge if they have 70, 80, 90 or 100 percent of their employees fully vaccinated.

Jennifer Pferrer, Wellness Council of Indiana executive director, said each business recognized will receive a media kit to help publicize their employee vaccination rates.

“This promotion can really have a big impact on employers,” said Pferrer. “It really speaks to employee safety, employee morale, as well as it develops a great relationship with customers and visitors and amongst the employees themselves.”

Pferrer said businesses have played a role in employee health for years on public health issues like smoking. She said the COVID-19 vaccination is just the latest issue employers need to address to keep their businesses safe.

“While the mandates on vaccination are hard for employers to really move forward with, we strongly encourage employers to look at vaccination as a way to get the workforce back into the workplace and keep them in the workplace,” said Pferrer.

Indiana Chamber President and CEO Kevin Brinegar said in a media release that employers are leading the way in getting Hoosiers vaccinated and keeping the economy running.

Pferrer said employers can inquire about an employee's vaccination status without it being a HIPAA violation.

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