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Fort Wayne Community Schools board approves teacher contract for 2021-2023

FILE PHOTO: Rebecca Green

The Fort Wayne Community Schools board of trustees voted unanimously to approve the contract between the district and the Fort Wayne Education Association on Monday.

The contract covers July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023 and includes a 4 percent increase to teachers’ salaries each year. By the end of the contract years, the salary range will be $43,998 to $77,330 with retroactive pay to July 1, 2021.

It also includes increased curriculum development, continuing to compensate teachers for additional classroom coverage to help manage substitute shortage, and increased stipends for co-curricular and athletic positions.

The contract adds new co-curricular positions like eSports, Special Olympics and other sports coaches and music directors.

Ella Abbott is a multimedia reporter for 89.1 WBOI. She is a strong believer in the ways audio storytelling can engage an audience and create a sensory experience.
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