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Fort Wayne Philharmonic continues to cancel programming amid ongoing strike

Brittany Smith
Fort Wayne Philharmonic Players Association musicians picket outside of the embassy on January 6, 2023. Musicians have been on strike since early December 2022, when an agreement for a new contract could not be reached.

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic has announced the cancellation of programming through April 11, amidst the ongoing musicians strike.

Musicians have been on strike since Dec. 8, after working on an expired contract for several months.

Despite a compromise on wages, musicians have held fast over their concerns about reducing the number of musicians, an increase to the work day and a loss of bargaining power.

The Philharmonic released a statement Tuesday saying they have compromised on those areas as well.

The contract proposed on Feb. 5 included staying at 44 musicians, upholding musicians’ three hour break in the evening and maintaining protections for grievances musicians may have.

Cancellations include six concerts and one community event.

Through their spokesperson, the players association said the cancellations signals disinterest by the Philharmonic management in reaching an agreement and said no new negotiation dates have been scheduled.

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