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House Passes Amendment To Answer What Happens If Curtis Hill's License Is Suspended

Lauren Chapman
IPB News

Curtis Hill would be forced to step down as attorney general if his license was suspended for at least a month under an amendment passed by the House Monday. It follows a disciplinary hearing officer’s recommendation last month of a 60-day suspension. 

The amendment alters the qualifications and says if the officeholder’s license is suspended for 30 or more days, they forfeit their position, with a replacement named by the governor. Current law only requires the attorney general to have a law license and live in Indiana.

Rep. Tim Wesco (R-Osceola) says his amendment is a matter of good policy: is it acceptable for the AG to hold a suspended law license?

“I propose to you that, aside from all other present circumstances, the answer is no – it is not acceptable,” Wesco says.

Attorney General Hill is accused of groping four women at a party in March 2018. After the allegations became public, the governor and legislative leaders called for Hill to step down, but they did not purse impeachment measures.

Rep. Ed Delaney (D-Indianapolis) was the only Democrat to speak on the amendment. 

“This is an impeachment in disguise,” Delaney says.

Ultimately, Indiana’s Supreme Court justices will decide if Hill faces any punishment stemming from those allegations. 

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