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CBO: Infrastructure Bill Could Add $256 Billion To Federal Deficit


U.S. Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) says while he supports certain investments in the federal infrastructure bill, he doesn’t believe the federal government has the money to cover the $1.2 trillion tab.

Braun’s Hoosier colleague in the Senate, Sen. Todd Young (R-IN), was one of 17 Republicans that initially supported the measure, however, Braun and the majority of Republicans plan to vote no.

The Congressional Budget Office’s report released Thursday estimates the bill would add more than $250 billion to the federal deficit over the next ten years.

Braun admits there is need, but doesn’t believe all of the investments should come from the federal government.

“It’s delivering on a fairly popular subject, infrastructure, and it covers a lot of areas where there is need," he said during a press conference Thursday.

If passed, the bill will pave the way for new investments in roads and bridges, rural broadband internet, clean energy, and many other projects.