The I In Immigrant: Ifedapo From Nigeria

Oct 13, 2021

89.1 WBOI's podcast, The I In Immigrant, is hosted and created by Ahmed Abdelmageed.

The podcast features interviews with residents about their experiences living as an immigrant in the United States and balancing traditions and family dynamics.

Ifedapo, AKA Mike, lives in Michigan with his wife and four children. Originally from Nigeria, Ifedapo made his way to the United States by way of England, where he had been pursuing his education.

Nigeria is very disperse, with over 370 ethnic groups and more than 500 languages. Ifadepo spoke with Ahmed about what it means to him to be Nigerian. His wife, who hails from Wisconsin, also joined in on the conversation to talk about their relationship, what it means to "blend in," and raising biracial children during a time of racial and social justice reckonings.

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