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Unity Barber Shop Offers Shaves, Haircuts and Harmony

Credit Julia Meek
The Unity Barbershop has been serving the community for 25 years.

The Unity Barber Shop on East Pontiac Street offers peace and hope to its regulars, as well as a good haircut, thanks to its founder, known to the community he serves as Foundation One.

Encouragement, sound advice and mentoring are some of the basics regularly being distributed to those who need it, and most importantly, a voice is there to be given to folks who otherwise wouldn't have one.

Credit Julia Meek
Foundation, taking time out to reflect on the many letters and cards he has received over the years from those he has helped.

The five-chair shop keeps hours and appointments to suit its patrons, and is often the meeting place for city officials, public figures, teachers, and concerned parents to gather for support and problem solving.

To learn the scope of Foundation's work, WBOI's Julia Meek sat down with him last week to talk about what motivates his passion for both sides of his craft, and how he can make a difference from this non-traditional platform.

For more information about Foundation One's mission at the Unity Barber Shop, visit its Facebook page.

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