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Park Center Looks to Expand Services in Lafayette Medical Center

Park Center, an affiliate of Parkview Health, is hoping to expand its medical services through the purchase of the Lafayette Medical Center.


The building on Lafayette Street currently houses Park Center’s primary care and Three Wishes programs, but the Clyde Nixon, the organization’s president, wants to offer more to the community, which is a federally designated health care desert.


“It had always been a dream of Park Center to expand integrated services into this community. Owning the building just gives us more opportunity to expand the services that are already being provided here,” Nixon said.


Marlon Wardlow is the Senior Vice President for Equity and Inclusion at Parkview. He says the ultimate goal of the purchase is to fulfill the need in the community for primary care.


“In some sort of collaborative fashion - so working definitely alongside Park Center -  really trying to look at how we can bring comprehensive primary care services to this community.”


Currently, the building also has a foot clinic and family care clinic inside, both of which will continue to operate.


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