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Local Republican Leaders Will Help Choose Pence's Replacement

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

With Gov. Mike Pence out of the gubernatorial race, the chair and vice-chair of the Republican committees in each Congressional district are now tasked with choosing his replacement.

Barbara Krisher is the chair of the District 3 Republican Committee. She says she’s been contacted by some of the people who want to be the GOP nominee for governor, including U.S. representatives Susan Brooks and Todd Rokita.

Krisher says she’s leaning toward voting for Brooks because she is a moderate and a Fort Wayne native. She also would like to see a woman run for governor. Krisher says she’s excited to have an impact on the race.

“I think this is history in the making,” Brooks said.

Vice-chair Bill Davis wouldn’t say who he might vote for because other people might still decide to run. He says he wants the candidate to be conservative and have a good chance of defeating the Democratic candidate John Gregg.

“I certainly have ideas or leanings of where I believe that I want to go, but I also want to keep an open mind enough until we see who might else want to be involved,” Davis said.

The deadline for Republicans to declare their candidacy is 72 hours before the state caucus, which will be held July 26.

As of Friday afternoon, Lieutenant Governor Eric Holcomb, Congressman Todd Rokita, and Congresswoman Susan Brooks have announced their candidacy in the GOP gubernatorial race.

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