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Pence Chosen As Trump's Running Mate, Allen County GOP Chair Reacts

Allen County GOP Party Chairman Steve Shine says enthusiasm is an understatement when describing his reaction to the news thatGov. Mike Pence is running for vice president.

“Jubilation would probably be a better adjective to describe the pride and the honor we have in having Mike Pence being selected as the vice presidential nominee,” he said.

Shine says he thinks it shows that Donald Trump respects conservative values and says it’s reassuring to know the Indiana governor will be able to influence the decisions of the likely Republican presidential nominee.

During the Indiana primary, Pence endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz, not Trump. Cruz won by about 500 votes in Allen County.

“I think it’s very welcoming to have Trump select his running mate that who had otherwise not endorsed him in the primary,” Shine said. “It shows an openness and a willingness to hear from others.”

Shine says he is firmly behind Trump, and he thinks support for the candidate has been intensified in Allen County after the announcement that Pence would be his running mate.

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