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Allen County Prosecutor: 'No evidence of criminal wrongdoing' in November police-action shooting

Tony Webster
Wikimedia Commons

The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office, Fort Wayne Police Department and Indiana State Police have ruled a police-action shooting from November of last year as justified.

The shooting in question killed Wyatt Beckler in Fort Wayne’s Hoagland-Masterson neighborhood.

Those three agencies investigated the shooting and found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Andrew Fry, the officer involved. In a statement, the Allen County Prosecutor said “The officer was justified in using force, as he reasonably believed that force was necessary to prevent serious bodily injury or death to himself and/or citizens of this community.”

Fry was at the scene responding to a report of a disturbance involving an armed person.

Fry’s service record shows commendations for valor and letters of reprimand for two vehicle incidents.

Beckler was 18 years old.

Tony Sandleben joined the WBOI News team in September of 2022.