Andy Downs


Our August News Roundup on WBOI Presents features election analysis, a look at a new downtown attraction and conversations with reporters from around the state. 

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July brought a controversial local holiday, further crack downs on immigration nationally, and the death of a beloved icon in the local arts community. For this month's News Roundup on WBOI Presents, we take a closer look at these stories and more. Thank you for joining us.

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Our May news coverage included a primary election, graduation controversy and, being Indiana, some auto racing.

We opened our monthly news roundup with a look at a legal challenge over Fort Wayne's Pay-to-Play city ordinance.

WBOI Presents: Brexit

Apr 12, 2019

This week on WBOI Presents, we are hopping the pond to try to come to a better understanding of Brexit.

Andy Downs

On this episode of WBOI Presents: In Session, we are joined by Andy Downs from Purdue Fort Wayne. Our conversation focused on the topic of political science. How do we select candidates for office? How does a caucus work? How have voting machines changed through the decades and is our voting technology secure? We will dive into all of those topics. Thank you for listening.